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MEd T/L  Continuing : Useful sites and Genres examples 402

  • The Role of Children’s Fiction Enhancing the Curriculum through Literary Learning
    Literary learning could be defined as a set of skills allowing enriched engagement in society.  This includes the many language forms that assist in making meaning of literature types and the acceptance and value of this role in society. Thinking and emotions are connected with expression of language, which is itself a key aspect of our heritage.  Students learn and become involved in their individual learning once they become aware of this relevance to their own learning.  So, all teachers need to promote the importance of literacy as being fundamental to all areas of the curriculum (Todd 2010) and the future of learning (Loertscher 2012).  It is the development of competence that strengthens skills as associated grammar, and spelling fundamentals add to growth and life long learning skills gained by the student.Specific curriculum documents, such as the English K-6 Syllabus, the use of literature is prescribed, in order to fulfil the outcomes and objectives of the policy. 
  • The application of material that falls within the general descriptions of 'children's literature' is most appropriate to achieve those goals.
  •  The benefits of holistic learning are noted by many in research. "Integration of intellectual, social and emotional aspects" (Brooks & Brooks, 1993) is vital for successful learning. Children's literature with it's rich diversity of genres is a rich source of resources.
  • Research has demonstrated that the consolidation of the role of children's literature will produce benefits to the development of language, and thus literacy. Critical thinking will be enhanced, as will the learners' engagement in their learning.
  • The rich variety of material offered by children's literature stimulates language growth, and thus improves communication skills.

Useful Website Links
Useful sites to support a range of learning for T-6 Group
Environment Australia web site -
Smithsonian Museum -
Search World Cities -

Tugboat story for Infants -

Australian Antarctic -

Rainforest Action Network -

New South Wales Parliament -

Educational Resources at Yahoo -

AskAuthor gives lots of links, AuthorLinks gives favourite authors -

Biographys -

Genres and Examples
Graphic Novels

Barbara O"Ra[unzel's Revenge" and "Calamity Jane" have been very popular at our school with someyear 5 boys and surprisingly a little boy in Year 4 who is not a confident reader at all has taken to some graphic novels based on books by Agatha Christe. He has even chosen one to make into a board game for a Book Week competition. The Stormbreaker and other Anthony Horowitz GNs have been a great way into reading the novels too.MOREThis online bibliography seems to be a good starting point for investigating age-appropriate graphic novels in a school-library context: own personal recommendation for primary-aged students would be a graphic novel adaptation of Coraline by Neil Gaiman.MORE Graphic Novels: children’s books and website that are useful in engaging infants, primary and middle school students:• Finder, M. (2011). The case of the trail trap and other mysteries. Sydney: Owl Kids Books Inc. (stage 2 & 3)• Henge. (1981). Three Complete Adventures in 1 Volume TINTIN: The case of the secret unicorn. London: Egmont. (Stage 2-4)• Mortensen, L. (2011). The cat that disappeared. London: Capstone Global Library. (infants)• Scholastic. (n.d). The Stacks. Retrieved from external link: (middle school)
• Terrell, B. (2012). Tony Hawke’s 900 revolutions. Wisconsin: Stone Arch Books. (Middle school)MOREBabra, Neil. (2008). Hamlet. New York: Spark Publishing.Keller, M., & Fuller, N. R. (2009). Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species: a graphic adaption. New York: Rodale Books.Meyer, S, & Kim, Y. (2005). Twilight: the graphic novel: volume 1. New York: Hachette.Spiegelman, A. (1986). Maus: a survivor's tale. New York: Pantheon Books.Starke, R., & Holfeld, G. (2008). Captain Congo and the Crocodile King. Kingswood: Working Title Press.MOREBowen, C. (2008) 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Publisher: Minneapolis: Stone Arch Books, 2008.Saunders, N. (2006) Alexander the Great: Columbus, OH: School Specialty.Hale, S. & Hale,D (2008). Rapunzel’s Revenge. New York: Bloomsbury USA.Powell, M. (2010) Publisher: Minneapolis: Stone Arch Books.Daniel Lieske, K., Dini, P., Smith, K., Moore, A., Gaiman, N., Shooter, J., Lee, S., Krueger, J., Gail, D. & Simone, G. (December 2001) Heroes : The World's Greatest Super Hero Creators Honor the World's Greatest Heroes 9-11-2001. Vol. 1. NewYork: Marvel Comics.Butler, N., & Petrus, H. (2009). Pride and Prejudice, adapted from the novel by Jane Austen: New York: Marvel Publishing Inc.Holler, F., & Selegue, J. (1996-2012, ). The Periodic Table of Comic Books. Retrieved 18 August, 2012, from external link:, K. ( 2011). The Kite Runner. New York: Bloomsbury Publishing.Smith, M., & Tilton, D. (2008). The Tale of Despereaux- The Graphic Novel: Massachusetts: Candelwick Press.MOREDixon, C. (2006). The Hobbit. London: HarperCollins.Greenberg, N. (2010). Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Crows Nest: Allen & Unwin.Shiga, J. (n.d.). Meanwhile. Retrieved from, A. (2012). Gum girl: Catastrophe calling. London: Walker Books Ltd.Watson, A. (2012). Gum Girl blog. Retrieved from, R. (n.d.). No flying, no tights. Retrieved August 15, 2012, from, C., Corzine, A., & Sanders, J. S. (2008). Jane Eyre: The graphic novel. Towcester, UK: Classical Comics.Clowes, D. (1997). Ghost world. Seattle: Fantagraphics Books.Colfer, E., & Donkin, A. (2007). Artemis Fowl: The graphic novel (Vol. 1). New York: Hyperion Books.Delisle, G. (2008). Burma chronicles. Montreal: Drawn and Quarterly.Eisner, W. (1978). A contract with God. New York: Baronet Books.Fies, B. (2006). Mom's cancer. New York: Abrams.Graphic novel reporter. (2008-2010). Retrieved August 12, 2012, from http://graphicnovelreporter.comGreenberg, N. (2010). Shakespeare's Hamlet: Staged on the page. Crows Nest, NSW: Allen & Unwin.Gulledge, L. L. (2011). Page by Paige. New York: Amulet Books.Hinds, G. (2010). The Odyssey. Somerville, MA: Candlewick Press.Johnston, A., Damerum, K., & Takasaki, Y. (2006). Stormbreaker: The graphic novel (Vol. 1). London: Walker Books.Kafka, F., Montellier, C., & Mairovitz, D. Z. (2008). The trial: A graphic novel. New York: Sterling.Marchetto, M. A. (2006). Cancer vixen. New York: Alfred A Knopf.Mead, R., Dragoon, L., & Vieceli, E. (2011). Vampire academy : The graphic novel (Vol. 1). London: Razorbill.Meyer, S., & Kim, Y. (2010). Twilight: The graphic novel (Vol. 1). New York: Yen Press.Neufeld, J. (2009). A.D.: New Orleans after the deluge. New York: Pantheon Graphic Novels.Sacco, J. (2009). Footnotes in Gaza. New York: Metropolitan Books.Sacco, J. (2003). Palestine. London: Jonathan Cape.Satrapi, M. (2003). Persepolis. London: Jonathan Cape.Selznick, B. (2007). The invention of Hugo Cabret. New York: Scholastic Press.Shivack, N. (2007). Inside out: Portrait of an eating disorder. New York: Atheneum Books for Young Readers.Spiegelman, A. (1987). Maus : a survivor's tale. London: Penguin Books.Vacchs, A., & Caruso, F. (2010). Heart transplant. Milwaukie, OR: Dark Horse Books.Ware, C. (2000). Jimmy Corrigan: The smartest kid on earth. New York: Pantheon Books.Yang, G. L. (2009). American born Chinese. Saint Louis, MO: Turtleback BooksMOREAppignanesi, R. (2007). Manga Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet. London : SelfMadeHero.No Flying No Tights. (2012). No Flying No Tights: A Graphic Novel Review Website. Retrieved August 7, 2012 from www.noflyingnotights.comRunton, A. (2004). Owly: The Way Home & The Bittersweet Summer. Marietta, Ga. : Top Shelf Productions.Runton, A. (2012). Andy Runton (website). Retrieved August 6, 2012 from www.andyrunton.comSelfMadeHero (2012). Learning. Retrieved August 6, 2012 from www.mangashakespeare.comSpiegelman, A. (2003). The Complete Maus: A Survivor’s Tale. London : Penguin Books.Tan, S. (2006). The Arrival. Melbourne : Lothian Books.Wilson, J. C. (2012). The Graphic Classroom. Retrieved August 8, 2012 from www.graphicclassroom.orgPostmodern LiteratureMOREFor my assignment I used the following resources:
Picture booksMirror by J Baker, Voices in the park by A Browne, Woolvs in the sitee by M Wild, Requiem for a Beast by M Ottley.
YA fictionInto white silence by A Eaton, Monster by W D Myers, The Arrival by S Tan and Tales from Outer Suburbia by S Tan.
Online resource a pdf of teaching resource for the picture book Woolvs in the Sitee by P Macintyre - Meades
Picture Books
Wilson, T. (2009). The princess and the packet of frozen peas. Jorgensen, N. (2011). The Last Viking.
The Last Viking; Teaching Notes. Retrieved from Blog for children: Picture Fiction
Tan, S. (2001). The Red Tree.. Fiction
Hamid, M. (2007). The Reluctant Fundamentalist.
The Reluctant Fundamentalist. (2012). Retrieved from Year 12 English SCC Wikispaces:
Multi Cultural LiteratureAbdel-Fattah, R. (2006). 10 things I hate about me. Sydney: Pan., S. (2012). Secrets of the henna girl. Camberwell: Penguin Books., C. (2011). New gold mountain. Gosford: Scholastic Australia., D. (2001). The breadwinner. Berkeley, CA: Douglas & McIntyre., D. (2011). No safe place. Crows Nest: Allen & Unwin.
Fox, M. (1997). Whoever you are. San Diego: Harcourt Brace.
Grant, N. (2012). The ink bridge. Crows Nest: Allen & Unwin., S. (2008). Broken Glass. London: Bloomsbury., R. (2010). Marrying Ameera: HarperCollings Australia., M., & Littlewood, K. (2002). The colour of home. London: Frances Lincoln., D. (2012). Forever friendship, T. (2011). Inside out & back again. New York: Harper., L., & Ingpen, R. R. (2007). Ziba came on a boat. La Jolla: Kane/Miller Book Publishers., L. (2009). Luv ya bunches. New York: Amulet Books., S. (1996). Speak Chinese, Fang Fang! Norwood: Omnibus Books., G. L., & Pien, L. (2006). American born Chinese. New York: First Second. (Chowdhury 2010). I especailly like the section for younger children "Pomegranate Pips". Really interesting. Lots of folktales, festival stories etc. Predominantly from Indian cultures.Gibb's "The Beauty of Humanity Movement". (2010) An easy and interesting read about Vietnames-American, Maggie Ly who returns to Vietnam as a young adult to try to discover her ancestry.Baker's "Mirror" (2010). A lovely celebration of different cultures and how, at heart, we are all really the same.Gervay's "Ships in the Field" (2012). I really like Susanne Gervay. She never shies away from a difficult topic (here the refugee experience) but always highlights the hope to be found in life. This book is based on her life as a child of Hungarian refugees and the illustrator too, Anna Pignataro, has lived the migrant experience through her parents. A pignant, hopeful and beautiful picture book.Cornelius' play (based on Gleitzman's novel) "Boy Overboard: the Play" (2007). A great text for starting conversations on a number of social issues.Abdel-Fattah's lastest release (2012) "No Sex in the City". A very funny read. I really enjoyed this novel. I first read about it in the Dymock's catalogue. However, after I saw some girls fighting over who would be the first to borrow it from the library when I was doing some casual teaching one day, I knew I had to buy it and read it. Glad I did! It's about a Turkish-Australian woman trying to find Mr. Right in Sydney, without giving up her traditional Muslim values.MOREWhoever you are by Mem Fox a very simple text about the similarities and differences between children wherever they live. A great story for introducing discussions about other cultures with very young children, asking them to identify from the text and the illustrations about the things they see / hear that make us the same or different.The Littlest Refugee by Anh and Susanne Do presenting a refugee’s view of why they take to unsafe boats and risk everything to come to the safety of Australia. Written using simple and direct language with Bruce Whatley’s illustrations adding depth to the text.Hungry Ghosts by Sally Heinrich examines how a family adjusts to life in Australia. The novel looks at how each family member worked through their feelings of isolation, difference, acceptance and how do retain aspects of their old life that makes them who they are.A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park interweaves the true story of Salva Dut with the fictional story of Nya drawing parallels between their struggles with life in Southern Sudan. Salva’s story set in the 1980s at the height the Sudanese civil war while Nya’s story is set in 2008. Nya’s story focuses on the other struggle the people of southern Sudan face constantly the search for water. YouTube has many clips about Salva’s story which complement the content of the novel’s Last Dancer by Li Cunxin gives the reader an insight into growing up in China during the time of Mao Zedong and explores the importance of following one’s dreams. It is available in both an adult and shorter version, suitable for Primary students. It is also available as a picture story book called Dancing To Freedom by Li Cunxin, illustrated by Anne Spudvilas.
The Happiest Refugee by Anh Do, relates the experiences of the comedian An Doh and his family, Vietnamese refugees who relocated in Australia. A version of it is also available in a picture book – The Littlest Refugee by Anh and Suzanne Do, illustrated by Bruce Whatley, currently shortlisted for the CBCA awards.
Unpolished Gem by Alice Pung is a funny and life affirming exploration of the experiences of the author, a Chinese Cambodian, growing up in Melbourne. It is on the HSC list for English.
MORE  A traditional Chinese poem called A Song for Mulan retrieved from and a play called Stolen about Australia’s stolen generation by Jane Harrison. The novels I discussed included Ten things I hate about me by Randa Abdel –Fattah, Dancing in the dark by Robyn Batari, The Little Refugee by Anh Do and Bruce Whatley a picture book, and Alice Pung’s author website. external link: I also referred to The Racketty Street Gang by Len Evers and A Candle for St Antony by Eleanor Spence. By Lisa TaboneMOREGleeson, L. (2008). Mahtab's story. Crows Nest, N.S.W.: Allen & Unwin.Allen and Unwin (2008) Mahtab's Story by Libby Gleeson – YouTube?’s Story is the story of a girl and her parents fleeing from Afghanistan and the harsh rule of the Taliban. The story follows their flight from Afghanistan, through to Pakistan, Indonesia and finally a detention centre in Australia. The YouTube clip is an interview with the author and the real life inspiration behind the story.
Baker, J. (2010). Mirror. Somerville, Mass.: Candlewick Press.
Mitchell, M., (2011). EDUC2703 s42294238 Mirror by Jeannie Baker. – YouTube?
Mirror is one of the best examples of comparing and contrasting the lives of an Australian family with that of a multicultural family that I have seen. Hence its award for the CBCA Best Picture Book of the Year Award for 2011. Do, A., & Do, S. (2011). The little refugee. Crows Nest, N.S.W.: Allen & Unwin.Hills, A. (2011). Adam Hills IGST, Anh Do - Episode 4, 8.30pm Wednesdays, ABC1 Little Refugee follows Ahn Do and his family’s flight from war-ravaged Vietnam via an old fishing boat and the way that he and the family settle into life in Australia. The YouTube interview between Adam Hills and Ahn Do illustrate how refugees can make an important contribution to Australian society.
Ellis, D. (2002). Parvana. Crows Nest, NSW, Australia: Allen & Unwin. Parvarna is the story of a family in crisis under the rule of the Taliban. The father has been imprisoned, the mother has a breakdown and Parvana must provide for the family by disguising herself as a boy.Gleitzman, M. (2002). Boy overboard. Camberwell, Vic.: Puffin.Li, C. (2003). Mao's last dancer (Young readers' ed.). Penguin, Australia.
Russell, E. (2004) The Shack that Dad Built. Little Hare Books: Surry Hills, NSW: Little Hare Books.

Multicultural LiteratureMORE 'Does My Head Look Big in this?' by Randa Abdel-Fattah was the first piece of contemporary multicultural literature I read. I found this book an easy and engaging read, capturing the emotions associated with teen girls very well. It's main theme is 'difference' and also highlights the 'us & them' culture arising from ignorance and sheer bloody-mindedness. All this is addressed with light hearted humour which makes it extremely captivating. I have recommended to Year 6,7 & 8 girls who have all enjoyed it. Also extremely popular at our school with Year 6 is 'Parvana', 'Shawzia' & 'Parvana's Journey' about girls in living in Afghanistan during the height of the Taliban rule.
MOREo    Boyne, J. (2010). The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. London: David Fickling. The Holocaust, Years 5-8, Novelo    Ellis, D. (2000). Parvana. Crows Nest, NSW: Allen & Unwin. Afghanistan-Taliban, Years 6-8, Novelo    Ellis, D. Parvana’s Journey. (2004). Oxford: Oxford University Press Afghanistan-Taliban, Years 6-8, Novelo    Ellis, D. (2003). Shauzia. Crows Nest, NSW: Allen & Unwin. Afghanistan-Taliban, Years 6-8, Novelo    Frank, A. (2007). Diary of a young girl: The definitive edition. London: Penguin. The Holocaust, Years 6-9, Diaryo    Kidd, D. (1990). Onion tears. North Ryde, NSW: Collins. Vietnam, Years 3-5, Novel with illustrationso    Rippin, S. Speak Chinese, Fang Fang, (1996). Norwood, SA: Omnibus. China. Years K-4, Picture BookMORE Bernard, P. (2008) Claw of the Dragon. Gosford: Scholastic Press. Cunxin, L. and Spudvilas, A. (2007) The Peasant Prince. Victoria, Australia: Penguin.Hawke, R. and Ingpen, R. (2006) Mustara. South Melbourne, Victoria: Thomas C. Lothian. Hoffman, M. and Littlewood, K. (2002) The Colour of Home. London: Frances Lincoln Limited. Konrad, M. S. (2009) I like to play. Toronto, Ontario: Tundra Books. Konrad, M. S. (2009) Grand. Toronto, Ontario: Tundra Books. Ng, T. (2004) Tiger Son: An Ancient Chinese Folktale. Retrieved From: Accessed on 6th August 2012. Randall, B. and Hogan, M. (2008) Nyuntu Ninti. (What you should know). Sydney, NSW: ABC Books. Russell, E. (2004) The Shack that Dad Built. Little Hare Books: Surry Hills, NSW: Little Hare Books.

Literary Non-fictionMORE
Davies, J. (2012). A Teachers Guide. The Boy Who Drew Birds. Retrieved from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: the book Davies, J. (2004). The Boy Who Drew Birds: A Story of John James Audubon. New York: Houghton Mifflin Company.
Gouldthorpe, P. (2011). No Return Captain Scott's Race to the Pole. Sydney: Hachette Australia. with the website No Return. Captain Scott's Race to the Pole. (2012). Retrieved from, N., & Williams, D. (Eds.). (2011). From Kinglake to Kabul. Sydney: Allen & Unwin. With online notes Williams, D., & Jordan, L. (2012). Teachers' Notes. From Kinglake to Kabul. Retrieved from Allen and Unwin:, R. (2011). Journey into the Deep (Version 1.0) Book Application?. Millbrook Press. Retrieved from:, C. (Ed.). (2007). Ned Kelly's Jerilderie Letter. Fitzroy: Black Dog Books.MOREThe Little Refugee by Anh and Suzanne Do - picture book published after Do's The Happiest Refugee account of his experiences leaving Vietnam. Have read both. As a non-fiction picture book I like: first person account, images relate to words and help convey the meaning of the event, images dull colour (pale,brown,cream) while in Vietnam and on travel to Australia, 0n arrival in Aust - images in colour. Ends with Anh being awarded class captain role for following ___year (year5) at school. Told with humour - engages reader Asked my 23year old son to read it and his interpretation of images was that it was hard to tell whether Anh was Vietnamese or Caucasian! Book directed at primary age - it does not enter the latter part of Anh's life and issues he and his family faced. Good book to introduce issues of migration based on refugee status - Australia's association with Vietnam through war - Australia's association with Vietnamese now - how Vietnamese are very much part of our culture - food in particular - entertainment - Do is a TV presenter, comedian, author Would be a good book to begin a range of discussions about a number of historical, social, cultural issues.MOREMy Place by Nadia Wheatley is a non-fiction picture book that encompasses the changes that the same address in an inner city suburb of Sydney has gone through over time and also how the area became culturally diverse. The time frame is set out with each double page representing a decade since white settlement until the bicentennial year of 1988. Whilst the original book is not a new release it is still relevant to today’s teaching of Literature as it demonstrates an historical timeline with children and their surroundings as the main focus. A newer edition has been published to bring the timeline up to date. This book has been recognised in the new Australian curriculum in three strands of English and two strands of History for students in years 3-6.A short story to go with this comment: last week whilst teaching year 7 the importance of picture books, discussing the shortlisted books and discussing their significance to the journey of reading, the students had to remember their favourite picture book and explain to their peers why they remembered it. One student remembered My Place and he was able to speak for some time about how he loved the history side but also commented about the tree that remained in the park for entire story and how it seemed everything around it was changing. This point led us beautifully onto discussing the fact that picture books are quite complex and sometimes not as simple as they seem.ABC (2010). My place. Children's Television Foundation, & Education Services Australia (2011). My place for teachers., A., Do, S., & Whatley, B. (2011). The little refugee. Crows Nest, NSW: Allen & Unwin.French, J., & Whatley, B. (2011). Flood. Lindfield, NSW: Scholastic.Greenwood, M., & Lessac, F. (2008). Simpson and his donkey. Newton, NSW: Walker Books.Greenwood, M., Whiting, S., & Walker Books (2011). Simpson and his donkey: Classroom ideas. Walker Books., B., Berk, S., & Bundschuh, R. (2004). Soul surfer: A true story of faith, family, and fighting to get back on board. New York, NY: Pocket Books.Scholastic Press (2011). Teacher notes for flood., R. (n.d). Teachers notes: The Little Refugee. Retrieved July 24, 2012, from, N., & Rawlins, D. (2008). My place. (20th ed.). Newton, NSW: Walker Books.Wignell, E., & Jackson, M. (2001). Bilby secrets. Australia: Walkers Bros Australia.MOREBilby Secrets, written by Edel Wignell and illustrated by Mark Jackson is a cute non-fiction picture book about the life of an Australian bilby starting from a young bilby's birth. It looks at their diet, behaviour and habitat with a beautiful narrative to engage children. Bilby Secrets is a CBCA shortlisted book this year in the Eve Pownall Information book Awards category. This book was great this year for Year 3's who studied Australian animals as part of their Science curriculum.MOREBurnie, D. (2010). Tree from Seed to Mighty Forest. Scoresby, Vic.: Five Mile Press. Do, A. (2010). The Happiest Refugee. Crows Nest, N.S.W.: Allen & Unwin. Fitzgerald, J. (2006). Learn fire safety with Jamie. Thornlie, W.A. :Kandy Ko Productions. French, J. (2011). Flood. Linfield, N.S.W.: Scholastic Press. Hill, A. (2001). Soldier boy: the true story of Jim Martin the youngest Anzac. Ringwood, Vic.: Penguin Pulford, J. (n.d.). Soldier boy teaching notes. Retrieved from:, R. (2006). Leaf Litter. Sydney: Angus & Robertson. Wilson, M. (2007). The Last Tree. Sydney: Hatchette Livre Australia. J The resources I used in Assignment 1b were…
Carle, Eric. (2005). A House for Hermit Crab. New York: Aladdin Lester, A. (2011). One Small Island. Melbourne, Australia: Penguin Books McDonald, M. (1993). Is this a house for Hermit Crab? New York: Scholastic Morley, J. (2004). Avoid becoming an Egyptian Pyramid Builder. Sydney, Australia: Koala Books Primary English Teaching Association of Australia, (PETAA). (2011). One Small Island external link: Watson, J. (2010). True Spirit. Sydney, Australia: Hachette Watts, F. (2007). Parsley Rabbit’s Book about Books. Sydney, Australia: ABC Books Wignell, E. (2011). Bilby Secrets, Newtown, Australia: Walker Books
Literary Non-fiction last modified by Sonja Holden on Mon, 10 Sep 2012 22:18:10 +1000Comment

Contemporary Realistic fictionMOREAllen, P. (1986). Mr Archimedes’ Bath. London, United Kingdom: Hamish HamiltonArena, F. & Lyons, G. (2002). Specky Magee.: Sydney, Australia: Angus & RobinsonBateson, C. (2006). Being Bee.: St. Lucia, Queensland: University of Queensland PressCarle, E. (1970). The Very Hungry Caterpillar. London, United Kingdom: Hamish HamiltonClement, R. (1991). Counting on Frank.Sydney, Australia: Harper CollinsDo, A. (2011). The Little Refugee. Sydney, Australia.Allen & Unwin Pty LtdFlynn, P. (2006). The Tuckshop Kid. University of Queensland Press: St. Lucia, Queensland.Hawke, R. (2004). Soraya the Storyteller. Sydney, Australia: Hatchette Publishing CoHopkins, E. (2004). Crank. New York, New York: Margaret K. McElderry BooksHutchins, P. (1968). Rosie’s Walk. New York, New York: AladdinKhan, (2010). Jameela. Sydney, Australia.Allen & Unwin Pty LtdKlein, R. (1989). Came Back to Show You I Could Fly. Camberwell, Victoria: Puffin BooksLofthouse, L. (2007). Ziba came on a Boat. Camberwell, Australia: Penguin Group (Australia)McCaffrey, K (2009). Destroying Avalon. Fremantle, Australia: Fremantle Arts Centre PressNorrington, L. (2002). The Barrumbi Kids. Gosford, Australia: Omnibus BooksNorrington, L. (2003). Spirit of Barrumbi. Gosford, Australia: Omnibus BooksNorrington, L. (2007). Leaving Barrumbi. Gosford, Australia: Omnibus BooksPaterson, K. (1977) Bridge to Terabithia. Camberwell, Victoria: Puffin BooksStarke, R. (2000). NIPS XI. Melbourne, Victoria: Thomas C. Lothian Pty LtdTan, S. (2006). The Arrival. Sydney, Australia: Hatchette Publishing CoTheile, C. (1963). Storm Boy. Willoughby, Australia: Weldon PublishingTheile, C. (1974). Albatross Two. Sydney, Australia: New Holland PublishersWild, M. (1992). Sam’s Sunday Dad. Sydney, Australia: Hodder & Staughton BooksWild, M. (2009). A Bit of Company. Newtown, Australia: Walker Books Australia Pty LtdWilson, M. (2007). The Last Tree. Sydney, Australia: Hatchette Publishing CoWinter, J. (2012). Just Behave, Pablo Picasso! New York, New York: Arthur A. Levine BooksMoreAbdel-Fattah, R. (2005) Does my head look big in this? Sydney: Pan Macmillan.Asher, J. (2008) Thirteen reasons why: A novel. New York: Razorbill.Baker, J. (2010) Mirror. London: Walker Books.Bemelmans, L. (1967) Madeline. New York: Viking Press.Blume, J. (1975). Forever. Scarsdale, N.Y.: Bradbury Press.Cousins, L. (2006). Maisy Charley and the Wobbly Tooth. London: Walker .Erskine, K. (2010) Mockingbird. New York: Puffin Books.
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Indigenous Fiction
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, & Djilpin Arts Aboriginal Corporation (Producer). (2007, Aug 4, 2012). Dust Echoes. Animation? Retrieved from, M. (2002). Too flash. Alice Springs, N. T.: IAD Press.Lynx Geosystems (Producer). (2010, Aug 4, 2012). Dreamtime. Retrieved from, M., & Pryor, B. M. (2002). Njunjul the sun. Crows Nest, NSW: Allen & Unwin.Norrington, L. (2007). Leaving Barrumbi. Malvern, S. Aust: Omnibus Books.Philp-Carmichael, B., & Martins, F. (2012a). Goanna, rising out of the ashes. Killara, S. Aust.: Indij Readers.Philp-Carmichael, B., & Martins, F. (2012b). Southern Cross. Killara, S. Aust.: Indij Readers Ltd.last modified by Glen Smyth on Tue, 4 Sep 2012 19:46:21 +1000

MOREo    Australian Broadcasting Corporation. (2007). Dust echoes. Retrieved from Years 3-8?o    Gwynne, P. (1998) Deadly, unna? Ringwood, VIC: Penguin. Years 7-10, Novel?o    Malbunka, M. (2003). When I was little, like you. Crows Nest, NSW: Allen & Unwin. Years 5-8, Memoir, Picture Book?o    One Arm Point Remote Community School. (2010). Our world: Bardi jaawi Life at ardiyooloon. Broome, WA: Magabala Books. Years 5-10, Non Fiction, Picture Book?o    Saffioti, T. Stolen girl. (2011). Broome, WA: Magabala Books. Years 3-8, Picture Book?

GLTB Literature
o    Burch, C. (2006). The Manny Files. New York, N.Y. Atheneum.
o    Simon & Schuster, (n.d.). Authors: Christian Burch. Retrieved from    Farrey, Brian. (2011). With or Without You. USA: Simon Pulse.
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o    Newman, L. (n.d). Retrieved from    An excellent book for any TL needing guidance in choosing, evaluating, and selecting high-quality children’s books with GLBTQ content: Naidoo, J.C. (2012) Rainbow family collections: selecting and using children’s books with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer content. Santa Barbara, California: Libraries Unlimited.

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