Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Collaborative and Reciprocal interaction with the TL and Staff and Students

Meeting teaching/student needs and the role of the TL I see as a reciprocal partnership. Discussion on developing learning partnerships implies a reciprocal as well as collaborative process – one that can reward teachers and ultimately empower our teachers and students. This same approach I find works well with my colleagues and flow on effect with students within our school. The collaborative part of the process highlights to me a very important message, when people engage in healthy discussion for a perceived mutual benefit it engages audiences. Some engage and are collaborative, sharing of knowledge is if perceived as valuable will further assist in
Reflection is another important part of both the reciprocal and collaborative process. To spotlight individual achievement of the students learning where students are invited to be part of the collaborative and evaluative process allows them a 'voice' which encourages further enhanced collaborative knowledge sharing of ideas and thoughts between all parties involved in the collaborative process.
A negative point is that some do not see collaboration as necessary and do not want to be part of the this reciprpocal partnership approach to learning. This can be frustrating for TL’s who have the knowedge and drive to assist with student learning.

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