Sunday, 25 September 2011

Helpful Links to helpful TL sites
This wiki has great pages relating to different class levels and their reading activities as well as pages on reader’s cup and promoting library activities from OLMC Heidelberg.
Good basic assistance using web2.0 and librarian help in study. There are pathfinders and research help pages.

A very helpful beginners search engine.
Catherine McAuley Library Website of links for different Library and online resources with several subject links. 
Emerson High School Media Center wiki promotes the library resources and research tools well.
Amazing detail with loads of pages and links – great examples to get you started too much detail for primary age students.  Although tries with Stage 3 with good results.
FDR Media Centre webpage with subject links
Dewey weblinks Lincoln Elementary Virtual Library 
Resource for science and history with great  links to wikis
 A site designed to demonstrate DC Library’s glogster collection 

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