Friday, 1 July 2011

The Adventure Begins

Well it is now July, momentous decision already taken earlier this year 2011 to commence the Teacher/Librarian Masters at CSU.
The decision as is always the case with any earlier education is that I try and fit a lot into a shortened time frame. Was I wise in selecting 2 units of study to do in the 1st semester?  Time is needed to make the most of and gain further insight into the world of teacher/librarian.  I was a lecturer at university for 17  years before moving into a new working environment in the Southern Highlands.  I currently work 2 days a week as school counsellor and 2 days as school librarian.   I am still involved in adult learning working with groups doing subjects at Masters, Diploma and Graduate Certificate level.  So I understand the complexities of taking on mature age study.  I have also heard every excuse as to why students require extensions.  I am hoping that I will not resort to any of those excuses.

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