Saturday, 23 July 2011

Making Sense of the Readings

Role of the Teacher Librarian

Most articles/readings support the notion that the role of T/L is quite diverse and the knowledge base required is extensive and well documented.  The role has certainly developed more over the past few years.  The concept by many is that the librarian sorts books and borrows them out to staff and students this is also documented and a small mini survey I have done at my work place with both the students and teachers would also agree with this notion.  I took on my role of the librarian at my school this year as I love learning and seem to thrive on challenges and we needed someone in the role.  We have a small population of students and staff and there have been some challenges facing us over the past few months with the setting up of our brand new Learning Centre.  The IT now in this centre is state of the art. We are also very much leaning towards Inquiry Based Learning from K -6. (Our population is K-6 only, with a Transition class commencing this term).
While there are some similarities between authors regarding views/trends of teacher librarians there are some aspects that are diverse. The integration of IT and other digital media is such a 21st C ideology that is part of the TL role. The team approach to planning the Inquiry based learning is very much a collaborative effort.  You certainly need a committed Curriculum Director to help drive this as well. This brings into focus the role of the Principal,  without support from this level would make these efforts extremely difficult. It is generally agreed that collaboration of all involved in the Policy and Procedure Development best assists in the overall learning that is accomplished by the students in our care. There are a couple of issues that I feel are not addressed in several of the readings I have done so far including the relevance of students acquiring the knowledge to be critical in their dealings with text.  Herring, Purcell, Lamb & Johnson cite several aspects that address the roles of the teacher librarian have in common.  I am evolving in the role of the TL although for the remainder of this year I am employed as the Librarian. I can see the value (or necessity) for the T/L to be at so many school committees/meetings.  Anything that has to do with planning/curriculum/policy and procedure.  Another challenge..I am embarking on moving the Accelerated Reader programme into our library this term and I am keen to update our management system in the Library to  web based for many reasons.

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